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We had a very interesting interview session with Yomibreezy, an Abuja based sensational Artist. Yomibreezy is a fast rising perfoming act, a song writer and no doubt an entertainer. With songs like ‘Laye’, Could you be my lover’, ‘Far away’, ‘Iwonikan’ amongst others.
Enjoy the excerpt of the interview below… 
1. So let us get to know you. Briefly tell us about yourself, and what you do.
My name is Muideen Hamed Abayomide popularly known as Yomibreezy, a graduate of fed poly bida, an afropop recording and performing arts, I hail from the western part of Nigeria , Oyo state to be precise…
2. How would you describe your style of music?
The kind of music I do is afropop, But some times I try to infuse a Lil bit of R&B to spice up, And I think that’s why am different 
3. How long have you been into music?
Well its a very long while tho, 2007 but I didn’t take it serious as it is now, like I love doing music right now..officially 2010
4. Is any member of your family into music? 
Hmmmm, not really, but my kid bro, Abclasick is into music Tho, I think he’s d only one for now
5. Do you play any musical instrument?
I love acoustic sounds a lot, Can’t say I can play very well tho,  but I love the guitar, and am hoping to learn how to play one soon …
6. Aside being a Musician, is there any talent you have?
People say am funny , am I really funny???? Ya I think so, I do comedy skit sometimes and I can do little spoken words, graphix design in view…
7. What Motivated You To Go Into Music?
First of all, I love music a lot, listening to just ordinary sounds , I mean pleasant sounds gives me momentum …each time I hear sounds , I sing to it, whether trap, raggae , clap, just good sound, I feel overwhelmed and I started having that good feel for music, I just have that feelings that music is in me, and i also know that people will recon with that soon. I love music and I wanna do it big time .
8. Tell Us More About Yourself, Family, and Childhood?
Am a cool headed easy going and fun to be with that play a lot, and I love funny things, am a Manchester united fan, cos I love football , and I believe in Nigeria, Am from a polygamous family Five boys 2 girls , am the first child and first son.
My childhood, hmmm… Well i must say I grew up on the street, and you know what the street is all about , the street is strict I must say, because that’s where you face learn the good and the bad at the same pace, you are on your own, nobody to pay your  bills at all time,  you are prone to so many things  at a very tender age , its all about one challenge or the other..but thank God things are moving very smooth now
9. Do Your Parents Support What You’re Doing?
You know Nigerian parents now, when u tell them you want to do music , it becomes a bad thing, I think that has happened to many Nigeria and even international acts…but as time goes on, they begin to believe because outsiders preach your gospel. They see music or entertainment as free access to irrationality, Which is not so.
10. Tell us about your stagename and how it came about.
My stage name Is Yomibreezy ,That wasn’t the name I started with tho, I was called breezy2 before I changed it to breezy nd now Yomibreezy..the yomi was extracted from abayomide so I added breezy to it , I love Chris brown when I was very small then, so I got my breezy from there… The name is unique and for me it is outstanding.
11. Who do you look up to as your role model?
I love Brymo, Asa, Beautiful Nubia, Titilope Sonuga and Burna boy.
12. What are you working on right now?
Well for now am working on my Ep of 6 tracks and a visual to one of my song titled Laye which needs to be achieved this year by Gods grace, i want something entirely diff on the Ep, and that’s y I wanna take out time 
13. How many songs have you recorded?
Arh! Have recorded plenty songs o. Plenty songs, with plenty features. There are a couple of my songs here on abjxclusives, you can download and listen to them.
14. Which international act would you like to do collaboration with?
Chris brown , Drake , future, to mention a few . 
15. Are you in a relationship? 
Yes, but complicated 
16. What Inspires You to do what you do?
I love it, people love it that I do music , I get calls and chats from unknown people ..that inspires and encourages me more…
17. Where Are You Based? 
Am based in Garki Enugu street, Abuja.Nigeria
18. Am sure you have one or two shows that you attend, How Do You Create Time To Study? 
I am a management student.Time management was one of the factor I learned how to manage. Judicious utilization of time and resources for effective and efficient actualization of objectives is what management is all about ..So out of my little time in school, I make out time for shows, because I love gig
19. Are You Under Any Record Label?
Nope, am not under any management for now, but still in talks with ARKCESS ENTERTAINMENTS
20. As an upcoming act, what’s your perception about the Nigerian music industry?
The Nigerian music industry is one that is open to contemporary style of music, you have to work very hard to get to d top, its preoccupied with the notion that, you cant make money unless you are big acts, which is not suppose to be so, u don’t get recognized not until u get to a certain level…its not all music that can sell in the Nigeria music industry..I think the music industry is fertile and one of the recognized in the world…
21. What would constitute success for you as a musician?
Success might be viewed or seen differently by individuals. To me, success is when u start doing it big, when ur music start yielding profit, making money with good songs, because at the end of the day, the end thereof doing music literally is to make money and fame…success to me is achieving your dreams while helping others achieve theirs …
22. What has been your greatest challenge?
Challenges are much o. 
I remembered how I gathered money to record my first single, because there was nobody to do it for me, Recording songs that has been one of my big challenges, most times you have that inspiration to do a good song and on getting to the studio you are asked to pay session fee and no money, and the inspiration dies ..Another challenge is shows, DJ is another problem, getting your songs on radio another wahala, DJ stops playing your music even before you finish performing… Everything boils down to money , promoting your song is another challenge, you spend a lot promoting good music..
23. Three years from now, where do you see yourself?
I see my self going for shows outside Nigeria, I see myself on billboards , I see myself on newspapers and entertainment magazines , I see myself in big places, I see my self getting huge endorsements.  
24. Message To Fans and what they should expect.
Big shout out to everyone who’s been part of the hustle since day one…I love you all…the road to  get there is through multiple trials and defeats….you all should expect nothing but good music from Yomibreezy soon…thanks 
25. What do you think about ABJXCLUSIVES?
Abjxclusive is a nice and beautiful platform for every business owner to put out there product to the wider community Because to me music is a business and it is through platforms like this people could connect with our products, the internet is a Viagra of big business. I urge everyone to check it out , Thanks…

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