Call me Terri not Starboy Terri (The Music star reveals)


Call me Terri not Starboy Terri (The Music star reveals)

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Separating ‘Starboy’ from the ‘Terri’

Over the past year, Terri has been trying to take the Starboy out of his name. When he first launched, most people knew him as Starboy Terri. In his words, “My management felt it was good for me to add ‘Starboy’ to my name. Ordinarily, I’ve always been Terri. They felt it would be good for buzz and I still agree with that decision.

“But now, people want to associate my brand with Starboy when we are different entities. My name is Terri, but the ‘Starboy’ part was meant to be only for my social media. But you know how it is, social media has power. The best I can do now is correct people, but you can’t always control how people behave.

“I can’t complain – it has helped me, but I’m thinking long-term. That’s why I’m trying to find the balance.”


Terri still wants to go back to school for a business-related course, “I would love to go back [to school]. I wouldn’t say I was smart in school, but I was good at learning and I have a lot of things going for me – I would survive in any school or course, no matter how hard it is. I just completed a one-year online course last month – I like learning.”

As the year progresses, Terri will like to keep recording music. The only problem Terri has now is keeping up with personal relationships.

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