It’s quite commendable to know that after Mac Fabulaws called for three award bodies (NEINA, USAN, NUAN) on 11th March 2020 to merge and form one (1) outstanding award firm, the organizers of the various award shows hid to his advice and on the 5th of May 2020, they merged and gave birth to Nasarawa Iconic Stars Award (NISA).

It is in view of this that I write to draw the attention of the organizers on possible challenges and facts anyone cannot runway from.

Now, let’s take a shot on some facts from figures:

  1. The possibility of having Nasarawa Iconic Stars Award (NISA) as the only award body in Nasarawa State is very infinitesimal. That is to say, other award bodies will keep springing up every year regardless of how credible NISA will be. To prove the above point, just when the process of merging NEINA, USAN & NUAN was going on, Ultra Sound Music Fest & Award emerged with a promise to even offer cash price to winners which I see as a welcome development since the essence of this struggle is to recognize & award amazing talent for their hard work and possibly take Nasarawa State entertainment to a greater height. It is also normal to have different award bodies which are also obtainable in Nigeria Entertainment industry ranging from the Headies, NEA, AFRIMA etc Provided they deliver quality services. Ultra Sound Music Fest & Award is sponsored by Copeland Entertainment, the organizers of Comedy Xray and they don’t disappoint when it comes to organizing top-notch events.
  2. Entertainment knows no religion & tribe. I’ve come across different comments on social media where individuals feels because they belong to a particular religion, state and tribe, they should be given brighter chances in entertainment world but entertainment is a non respecta of such ideology.  That is why everyone should be given equal chances by the organizers to achieve greatness. When Nasarawa State Entertainment succeeds today, every tribe & religion will benefit from it.
  3. Using downloaded beats always by the artist should be discouraged by the organizers. Originality and creativity is very important to achieve this project. We’ve got excellent talents in Nasarawa State but the continuous use of downloaded beats even by music producers makes us the shadow of ourselves and this should be discouraged. I know this might not be easy but we can start by creating our own beatz gradually.
  4. Even-though some of the organizers of NISA are CEO’s of Record labels, I implore you to be professional and avoid favoritism when making your judgment during selection process.
  5. Credible voting system should be put in place and every nomination should be properly scrutinized to avoid awarding unmerited individual. There are instances where multiple voting takes place by one person contrary to laid down rules and this in-turn jeopardize the credibility of the voting system. Organizers must take this into cognizance.
  6. Finally, we don’t expect you to be perfect but to whom much is given, much is expected. I know the likes of Sir Cidy, Eze Best and co. are the best-men for this job…..anticipating progress!.

Written by Mr. Excellent. Entertainment is one of my religion and all I do is encourage people to do better in entertainment world through writing. Info: 08138964402

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