School Fees Schedule for NCE 3 Students,  College of Education Akwanga.


  1. School Fees Schedule for NCE 3 Students,  College of Education Akwanga.

Following the announcement of the resumption date by the College Management through its press release, all NCE 3 students were directed to commence their Registration from 9th of November 2020 which elapses after two weeks from the commencement date while late registration will attract N5000 therafter.

After receiving several calls and Direct messages from the students asking how much the school fees would be, Mr. Excellent decided to contact the ICT Director on phone and he confirmed the below fees Schedules for both indegines and non-indegines. To verify his statement, I also logged-in to college portal to see facts myself.

Students are advised to comply with the time duration to avoid late registration fee.

The following are the school fees  Schedule for both NCE 3 indegines and non-indegines:

    School Fees:.      N22,200
  2. BankCharges:.    N315
    Total:.                   N22, 515


School Fees:.      N26, 300

BankCharges:.    N315
Total:.                   N26, 615

Note: Each carry over attracts N200 which will be added on the main school fees.

The school fees payment portal will be opened on 9th November, 2020

For further Guide, contact Mr. Excellent: 08138964402





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